YOU Fly Flight and Combat Simulator

The WORDS BEST Entertainment Simulator

Fly your own Spitfire in WW2 or a Modern Jet Fighter
You are in complete control with a true sense of realism like no other entertainment experience
Totally and physically realistic through all modes and stages of flight
Adrenaline filled while actually executing barrel rolls and loop the loop maneuvers

The must do and see activity and attraction in Surfers Paradise

Space Flight Astronaut Simulator

The WORLDS FIRST and ONLY Cosmic Interactive attraction

You are in total command of your own spacecraft
Perform unrestricted 360deg outer space rotations
Fascinating, unique design and technology

Another exclusive experience for Australia at Fun360

Extreme 6 dof motion racing simulators

WORLDS MOST ADVANCED entertainment Car Racing experience
Unique motion drive base system allowing skids and spins
Multi player linked racing Plus exclusive CHILDRENS modes

Australia’s best modern car simulator for fun

Swat + army simulator